Our energy and environmental policy

Comprehensive environmental protection and optimum energy efficiency are of particular importance to us. They are an important goal for safeguarding the company and its jobs. We treat these goals as being of equal importance to other goals, such as the high quality of our products and processes and efficient occupational health and safety.

We regularly monitor and evaluate the following environmental aspects:

  • Handling of hazardous substances

  • Emissions to air

  • Water use and wastewater

  • Soil contamination

  • Waste generation

  • Receipt and shipment of hazardous materials

  • Noise emissions

  • Other emissions

  • Emergency hazards



  • Our goal is the continuous improvement of our operational environmental and energy performance. Compliance with all binding obligations is a basic requirement of our actions.

  • We act with foresight. Through precautionary environmental protection, the entire production process, from raw material to finished product, is carried out in compliance with the identified environmental and energy aspects.

  • Through targeted measures to achieve our objectives, we conserve resources, minimize emissions and avoid or recycle waste. Of particular importance is the continuous improvement of energy efficiency and environmental performance in the planning and implementation of our processes and infrastructure. Our suppliers and partners are involved in the development and procurement of the most efficient and effective solution.

  • We continuously monitor the effectiveness of our environmental and energy management systems – through internal and external audits, continuous measurements and their targeted analysis and evaluation.

To fulfill our guidelines in environmental protection and energy management, targets are developed, defined and pursued. The defined measures to achieve the targets are reviewed by the company management for their effectiveness. We regard environmental protection and energy management as important management tasks. For this reason, the relevant responsibilities are clearly assigned. Proof of our commitment is the certification of our management system to DIN EN 14001 (environmental management) and DIN EN ISO 50001 (energy management).

In this regard, we would like to point out that our company is affected by the Packaging Act. We bring packaging filled with goods / products into circulation for the first time.

According to §15 (1) VerpackG we want to fulfill our duty to inform you and point out how to handle the return of packaging in terms of a return option or optional special agreement.

For an agreement on the place of return and any costs incurred, which are to be borne by the customer, please contact our sales department as usual.

Industry initiative NOCARBforging 205

ABC Umformtechnik is involved in the industry initiative NOCARBforging 2050, which was launched in the fall of 2020 by the Industrial Association of Solid Forming (IMU). The goal is CO₂-emission-neutral solid forming technology by 2050 at the latest.