E-mobility creates new challenges for electrically conductive connections.

A distinction is made between current-carrying connections and connections for potential equalization. ABC Umformtechnik develops technical solutions for connecting elements with potential equalization in order to optimize their local electrical contact resistances, even with painted mating layers. To reduce costs and weight, this can eliminate the need for additional ground connections, for example.

F&E – E-Mobility – Neue elektrifizierte Anforderungen an Schraube und Pruefmethode- 2.2

In addition to technical solutions for fasteners, we offer our own test methods and test rigs. We have developed the ABC E-Mobility test bench to meet the new requirements. This can be used to measure all local electrical contact resistances, the preload force and the required tightening torque of the connection during or after assembly. Our highlight in testing: the bolt is not prepared separately for measurement, as is the case with ultrasonic or strain gauge measurement methods, for example. This allows for non-destructive testing during series production.

F&E – E-Mobility – Neue elektrifizierte Anforderungen an Schraube und Prüfmethode 3.2