Wire drawing

ABC Umformtechnik processes wires in diameters from Ø4-Ø28mm. In the in-house wire drawing shop, the wires from Ø11mm are drawn by the company itself and prepared for the further process steps.


Press Shop

A total of 28 forming presses can be used to produce bolts or formed parts with a diameter of M3 – M 20. The largest forming press has a maximum pressing force of 400t and can process wire with a diameter of Ø28mm.

Very short parts can be produced, but also components with a maximum length of approx. 300mm. In order to produce screws economically and to expand the portfolio, some machines are equipped with an additional pointing and rolling unit.

In the tool shop, a large part of the tools are manufactured in-house. The tool sets are assembled and serviced.


Rolling Shop

Threads, knurls, grooves or other shapes are produced in the rolling shop. Special tools make it possible to produce thread-forming screws, screws with paint scraping grooves or other special threads.

Throughout the product range, parts can be combined directly with a washer or other components during rolling.


Heat treatment

In the in-house heat treatment department, the components are first hardened in continuous furnaces and then tempered to the required strength.


Mechanical finishing

A machining process is used to subsequently produce those contours or tolerances which cannot be produced by forming. Special automatic lathes and milling machines are available for this purpose.



The coating lines are designed to apply zinc flake coatings or specially developed TopCoats.



On special machines, two or more components are joined. The assembly can be done in different ways. Depending on the component, the components are pressed or glued by means of force. Special solutions can also be produced on existing machines by clamping components with another component.


100% control

In the 100% control, screws and molded parts are inspected for dimensions and cracks on sorting lines. The inspection takes place between the production steps and at the end of the process during subsequent packaging.



In the packaging department, the manufactured components are packed into the desired packaging by machine or manually according to customer specifications.