Test method

We develop specific test methods and measurement technology to meet the requirements of our customers. In cooperation with our customers, innovative system solutions, surface systems as well as test methods and often new ways are developed, which even exceed the set requirements. Sometimes new test methods are developed, which allow to detect failures at a very early stage of development and thus to avoid them.

Bolting test rigs at room temperature
Friction coefficients are determined with the aid of measured torques, preload force and known geometric variables of the fastener. Multiple assembly cycles are performed to simulate the frequent change of wheels in European regions for wheel bolts.

Test rigs for determining coefficients of friction under high temperature loads
Temperature properties of surface systems as well as ABC CORROLUBE® surfaces are analyzed.

ABC wheel bolt test rigs
Assembly procedures on original components are simulated and simultaneous preload force measurement is performed on all wheel bolts. To simulate the frequent change of wheels in European regions for wheel bolts, multiple assembly cycles are performed.

ABC – BUP Bending Test Bench I / II: ABC Wheel Fit Test Benches  
Analogous to complex driving tests at the customer’s site, the automatic loosening behavior of bolted connections is simulated. In addition, load data can be determined on the fasteners that occur under extreme cornering. For this purpose, we use our own strain gauge bolts, the ABC Multi Sensor Bolts.

Coat master  
Local layer thicknesses of surface coatings are determined precisely and non-destructively.

GOM ARAMIS 3D Camera System  
Components and entire assemblies are subjected to deformation and displacement analysis. The results allow easy optical alignment of tests to FEM calculations.