Application engineering

Our application engineering department examines the product functions in the original application of our customers. For this purpose, we perform the screw fittings in original assemblies analogous to the belt assembly at the customer’s site. We then test them using our measurement technology and evaluate the measurements. If no standard test bench or suitable method exists, we develop suitable test methods.

  • Analytical calculation of bolting parameters

  • Determination of bolting parameters in practical tests on original components

  • Design and dimensioning of bolted joints

  • Analysis of load limits of fasteners and/or connected components

  • Determination of damage cases on original components

In addition, we support our customers holistically through the following further competencies:

  • Determination of boundary conditions at the connection point by analytical calculations

  • Load data analysis by means of ABC Multi Sensor Bolts or customer-specific metrological solutions

  • Finite element calculation as well as support in questions concerning the FEM calculation of bolted joints

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