Eccentric screws

Our eccentric screws are used as connecting elements in the chassis and are designed to meet the respective requirements. In this case, the center of the eccentric geometry at the bolt head and base is not identical to the bolt axis.


  • Eccentric geometry, for example to adjust the camber of the chassis on passenger cars and commercial vehicles
  • Fastener with mostly elastic assembly to ensure reusability in case of servicing
  • ZSB system consisting of eccentric screw (1 or 2-piece), eccentric washer on the nut side and nut
  • 2-part systems represent the standard solution. The eccentric washer on the head side is fastened to the bolt head by means of caulking.
  • 1-piece systems offer lower costs. Here, the head-side eccentric washer and the bolt consist of one component and are formed directly from the wire.
  • Systems with pressed and milled groove for alignment of the washer